Sugar Free Candy Crazy Pixie Sweet Shoppe

Crazy Pixie’s range of sugar free candy uses only natural ingredients – No Artificial Sweetners, No Artificial Colourants, and No Preservatives.

Instead they are made using a natural sugar substitute called Isomalt, which is derived from beets. It is similar to the better known Xylitol but is not as sweet, which means the candies all taste differently, rather than being overwhelmed by sweetness

Ideal for Diabetics

Isomalt has zero glycemic carbs, which makes it ideal for diabetics or those following LCHF/Banting lifestyle.

Tooth Friendly

Crazy Pixie’s sugar free candy is tooth friendly. They contain zero glycemic carbs and do not release significant amounts of acids, which attack tooth enamel and can lead to decay. 

Sugar-Free Candy is suitable for:

  • Diabetics
  • The health conscious
  • Individuals with ADD, ADHD
  • People with food allergies
  • Those with low carb, banting or sugar-free lifestyles
  • Everyone who loves candy

Allergy Free

Crazy Pixie’s sugar free candy is 100% free from artificial sweetners, artificial colourants, gluten, wheat, soy, yeast, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, potato, eggs, corn, rice, sesame, and preservatives.

Dairy confectionary is manufactured in a separate part of the facility using separate equipment and an allergen control program is in place.

They’re also kosher and vegan friendly.